2020 Coaches  - TBD

Coaches conduct

  • Coaches will be supportive to the ideals of sportsmanship, team play, honesty, and respect for authority.
  • Coaches will be positive role models.
  • Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.
  • Coaches will do their best to provide the players a positive experience.
  • Coaches will treat all players, parents, spectators and league officials with respect.
  • Coaches will provide instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive.
  • Coaches will not ridicule or demean players or officials.
  • Coaches will teach the game to the best of their ability.

Parent communication with coaches

Please remember our coaches are all volunteers. A GBSA football coach is committing a minimum of 10-20 hours a week coaching your child. Many also spend several hours of additional time per week on planning and practice prep. Our coaches deserve your respect even if you don’t agree with a particular decision they make.

  • If you would like to discuss a problem with your coach please arrange a time before or after practice, away from the players.
    • Parents are not to come onto the practice field during practice time unless there is an emergency.
    • Please support your coach when speaking with your player, don’t undermine our coaches in the eyes of your player.
    • If you do not get a satisfactory resolution to your problem after you have contacted your head coach you may contact our football commissioner and we will intervein and seek a solution. The Commissioner’s decision is final so please respect that decision.

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