Does my player need a physical to participate?

No, a physical is not a requirement.

When are practices?

Practices will begin the first week of August and are held 4-5 days per week until school starts. Once school starts, practices are typically conducted 3-4 nights a week. Practices are held at GBSA fields @ Shorline Drive. Your head coach will communicate details.


When are games?

We typically have 8 regular season games (4 home and 4 away) and games are held on Saturdays. Younger age groups typically play earlier in the day and older age groups typically play later in the day. Home games will be played at the GBSA Football field on Shorline Drive.


What do fees cover?

Fees are used to cover expenses associated with insurance, NWFYSA dues, equipment, supplies, maintanance, and training. We buy and cycle in new equipment every year along with a reconditioning and re-certifing proicess to all our helmets.


In addition to you player fees we ask each team to get a sponsor to help meet our budget. Becasue of our generous sponsors we typically do not need to do additional fundraising!

What are certifications?

At the begining of each season the league will certifiy each player. Players are required to be weighed (only one weigh in), have their picture taken for the official roster and provide proof of age. Your players coach will convey what day/time certification will occur for your squad and what items you will need to bring (original or CERTIFIED copy of birth certificate, military id or passport).


Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available to families that qualify if funding is available that season. Scholarships are need-based and decisions are not based on talent or achievement of the player. Email the football commissioner for more information.



We will issue registration refunds for various, reasonable reasons. Refunds will not be given because you are not happy with your team or your coach, please review our objectives and guidelines document and make sure you are comfortable before siging up for football.


Custom uniforms are ordered in late Junebefore practice begins. If refund is given after our uniform order it will be less $50. Refunds will not be available after 2nd week of practice. If you would like a refund contact Aaron Hayek.


What is the Red Stripe Rule?

Each Age group has a weight limit for safety pourposes. Players over the limit must play Line positions on offense and defense.


AGE       LBS

5/6        85

7/8        110

9/10      135

11/12    160

13/14    200